Visualization of lymphatic drainage

FLUOBEAM®LM allows the surgeon to visualize the superficial lymphatic network of the limbs. The software offers a panoramic function to image an entire limb and better visualize the quality of the lymphatic drainage. In consultation or during a surgical operation, FLUOBEAM® LM displaysinformation in real time. It thus helps the surgeon to select the most appropriate treatment, for patients suffering from lymphedema.

Perforator location in free flap reconstructive surgery

In free flap reconstructive surgery, FLUOBEAM®LM helps to identify perforating vessels but also evaluate the quality of tissue perfusion in real time. This additional information helps limit postoperative complications such as total or partial tissue necrosis.

Evaluation of the quality of tissue perfusion

FLUOBEAM® LM, used in combination with indocyanine green (ICG), is a fluorescence imaging solution that allows surgeons to assess the quality of tissue perfusion in real time.

In addition to real-time imaging, the relative quantification tool provides the surgeon with additional information that allows him to adjust his surgical procedure. This information will also be used to ensure follow-up and a post-operative evaluation adapted to each patient.

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