What we believe in


Same quality, lower costs

With unbranded quality products, The Suture Store offers you the opportunity to save costs without compromising on quality. Our products meet the exact same quality demands as branded products. Yet our excellent price-quality ratio is realised by:

  • purchasing from a low cost manufacturer
  • working with a small and cost efficient organisation
  • using existing structures
  • stripping costly extras, such as glossy brochures,¬†training¬†& congresses

No contracts or obligations

Simply order the products you need, without binding contracts, complex volume discounts or conversions that need lengthy testing. We will gladly advise you on which codes can be easily converted and which ones will generate major savings.


Start with an unbranded product in addition to your existing product. By not completely removing the branded products, resistance among users can be reduced. Once you find that there is sufficient acceptance within your organization, you can gradually expand the number of codes. This is also an ideal way to thoroughly and test our products, without any associated risks.

Professional support

In order to offer you maximum financial savings, The Suture Store does not employ expensive sales representatives. However, our staff has expert knowledge and experience which enables them to personally advise you on how to optimize your product range.